Who We Are

At Stasyx, we create custom-tailored software solutions that will help your company succeed and thrive. We're successful because we listen to your needs and then solve your problems by creating software that works your way. Stasyx succeeds where other companies fail because we possess a rare combination of qualities that most companies can't match:


Our compact size allows us to be more flexible than those larger, top-heavy companies. At Stasyx, your company is guaranteed to receive the individual attention you deserve.


Founded in early 2003, Stasyx employs a controlled approach to growth that means we'll still be around when other companies fail or get swallowed up by larger competitors.


At Stasyx, nearly half our programmers are true engineers. We have the technical expertise to solve the tough problems other companies can't.

Our services have helped a wide range of companies, both large and small, do business better and do it their way. At Stasyx, our main goal is to improve your bottom line by helping your employees and your operations function more effectively.