Client-Server Applications

No one knows your business like you do, so why force your company to do business someone else's way?

Problem: While many off-the-shelf software packages are available, none of them are tailored specifically to your business. That forces you and your staff to conform to someone else's way of doing things. Worse, when you see ways to improve the software, you have no way to make changes that would allow the programs to better suit your business model.

Solution: At Stasyx Computer Solutions, we allow you to create the perfect application for your way of doing things-which means the perfect application for your business! Our programmers average more than 20 years experience in creating client-server applications. Our clients have successfuly thrived in the good times and the bad times, the reason is simple: We interview the right people and ask the right questions. More important, we listen. Then we design a solution that fits your needs.

Here is an example of our Software Development Cycle:

  • By conducting interviews, we learn about the problems you're facing and discover what solutions we can offer
  • During the requirement phase, we spell out exactly what we will accomplish and how it will be done
  • In the implementation phase, we provide our clients with input as the project progresses. There are never any surprises!

Our customized software is always on-time, within budget and at the highest quality possible, no matter what type of business you have, we can create a solution that's right for you.

At Stasyx, we deliver solutions that match your time-frame and your budget to help you thrive. Our customer-first approach produces high-quality software you can count on to provide an excellent return on your investment.