Dynamics Custom Integrations


With teams of .Net developers on staff, Stasyx has developers who can help you integrate a wide variety of software products and software systems with Microsoft Dynamics. Not only do we understand Microsoft Products at the systems level, but we're experts in helping different products to communicate, not only with Microsoft Dynamics, but beyond.

We also have database design experts on staff and have assisted dozens of clients to migrate legacy data from their existing systems to a new ERP or CRM. Our job is to make sure your software systems work together.

Tired of having a Dynamic consultant that tells you to implement your entire operation within Dynamics, even though you have existing software that matches your business needs much better?

At Stasyx, we come up with the best solution, not just the easiest one.

Whether you're looking to customize operations within Dynamics such that they match your current business model or integrate your existing applications with Dyanamics so that you can continue to use existing systems that better match your operations, Stasyx can make it happen.