Existing Application Enhancement

In a perfect world, whenever you needed your software to do something, you'd write a check and instantly receive a program that would do everything you needed it to do. There'd be no need to train your existing staff, no need to convert over your old data, and no worries about making the switch.

In the real world, there's an associated cost with every decision you make. Sometimes the perfect solution isn't the best solution. If you're basically satisfied with your existing software but have a few problems that must be solved to keep using the same system, Stasyx can help!

Problem: Your existing software works reasonably well, but over time it's developed critical bugs, is lacking key business logic, or won't interface with a newer program. These defenciencies are costing your company money in lost opportunities, competitive advantage, and revenue. You lack the capital, the time, or both that would be needed to create that perfect system, but you need your current software to work better than what it does now.

Solution: At Stasyx Computer Solutions, we're experts at analyzing your current software system and creating solutions that allow you to do the work you need to do by enhancing what you already have. While patching your current system will never provide the benefits you gain by designing a custom solution from scratch, most of our stop-gap solutions provide a complete return on investment measured in months rather than years.

If your software is missing vital capabilities that are costing your company money, but you can't afford a completely new system, we can develop individual applications to your specifications and integrate them seamlessly into your existing system.

At Stasyx, our job is to solve your problems. With decades of expertise integrating software solutions with existing systems, we'll do all we can to upgrade your current software without breaking your budget!