Legacy Conversion

Millions of applications exist whose only fault is that they were designed for hardware that is no longer being produced or that can only run on operating systems that are no longer supported.

Problem: Your IT department is shackled to an outdated legacy system because it holds critical data, but the aging system is crashing and getting more and more expensive to maintain.

Solution: At Stasyx, we can design and implement a solution that gives you the same functionality provided by your current legacy systems. This solution could be as simple as creating an application that provides the same functionality as the legacy system or migrating the data into an application such that no functionality or data is lost. Whatever your needs, Stasyx has the right solution.

Our programmers have decades of experience in migrating legacy applications. Below is just a sample of the languages, machines, and operating systems we've handled.

C and C++

Our developers have been migrating and rewriting legacy applications for decades. Whatever migration needs you have, chances are good we have the experience you need. We specialize on rewriting or modifying old DOS-based applications and integrating or replacing applications on IBM mainframe hardware.

Don't surrender capabilities that give your business a competitive advantage! Get rid of support headaches from old hardware and software! Avoid training your staff to use something new! At Stasyx, we take the migraine out of migrating legacy applications!