Static Internet Sites

In many respects the Internet drives the world. Every day, more people get their news, do their shopping, perform research, exchange messages, and spend their free time on-line. Businesses without their own Internet site are sending a clear message to current and potential customers that they are not keeping pace with their competition. The good news is that it’s easier than ever before to create an Internet presence, whether that presence is five static pages or a full blown interactive site with dynamic content and graphics.

Problem: You need a great-looking web site that will attract new customers and keep old customers coming back. You have a web site or you've tried to create one in the past, but the results have been less than stellar. Perhaps you used a marketing firm that charged way too much and provided way too little. Maybe you attempted to make due with free on-line tools and ended up with a site that looked like it was created with free tools and is now a maintenance nightmare. Or maybe you hired the job done by a company that promised you the mooon but your web site's still not off the ground.

Solution: Stasyx Computer Solutions provides the expertise you need to take advantage of the full potential the Internet has to offer. We can design and maintain your entire web site or provide help wherever you need it. We'll provide data collection tools, install E-Commerce portals, integrate your site with back-end hardware, customize your graphics, or provide hosting for your web site including stand-alone and shared servers, server clusters, and SQL server access. Whatever you need, we can provide a web site that works the way you want it to work.

Unlike other Internet development companies, Stasyx is a complete development services provider. With expertise in databases, legacy migration, and client / server applications, we understand the complete picture. No matter what computer needs you have, Stasyx has the right solution for your business!