Web Applications

In many respects the Internet drives the world. People expect access to information no matter where they are. Not just static information but fully functional applications that allow them to purchase products, control their finances, produce reports, analyyze data, or perform the same business functions that exist in any office environment. While client-server applications can be set up to run in virtual private networks, some applications need to be available to the general public or to employees via public computers.

Problem: With more people connecting to the Internet in a variety of ways, having a flexible internet presence is becoming increasingly important. Whether your clients and employees are using smartphones, UMPCs, MIDs, or PCs/Macs to connect to the Internet, you want to provide outstanding service and functionality to everyone. Off-the-shelf products provide off-the-shelf solutions and your needs don't match the products available.

Solution: Whether you need your existing internet application to automatically customize its look and feel to fit the slew of mobile devices people now use or whether you need a customized application that gives you the competitive edge you've been looking for in today's access-anywhere world, Stasyx can design and implement a customized internet application that will meet your needs. Our programmers can also maintain or modify one of your existing internet applications. We're familiar with the following web-based technologies (and more):

Visual Web Developer
Cold Fusion

Stasyx Computer Solutions provides the expertise you need to harness the Internet and make it work for you. As one of the early pioneers in complex Internet applications, Stasyx has designed and implemented dozens of applications ranging from simple data collection tools to full-fledged applications that went beyond their client-server counterparts.

By using software Stasyx provided, companies have streamlined their business processes and reduced costs for staff, hardware, and desktop software.

Stasyx also provides E-Commerce portals, integration with back-end hardware, and static web sites.